Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan, and Tinie Tempah mine for ‘Diamonds’ on charged-up Electric Love IDE H7HtAUYAIDpf

Martin Garrix, Julian Jordan, and Tinie Tempah mine for ‘Diamonds’ on charged-up Electric Love ID

Never doubt Martin Garrix. The STMPD RCRDS king repeatedly confirmed throughout the last year that in between releases that tapped into a more exploratory direction,—like “Pressure,” “Love Runs Out,” and the AREA21 album—he was still continuing to crank out productions that were better suited for the eventual day he could stand in front of his iconic “T” structure again. It only took 60 minutes to convert that reassurance into reality in August, with Garrix debuting a pair of his own IDs—and three label ones—during his in-person reawakening at Austria’s Electric Love. Barely a month would pass before Garrix decided to give one of his two impending originals the green light, now writing in release number four beside one of his best friends Julian Jordan and recruiting an unexpected helping hand from the legend Tinie Tempah on “Diamonds.”

“Diamonds” broke off as one of two A-lister-primed ventures from Garrix’s Electric Love finale, with the other being “Wide Awake” with both John Martin and Matisse & Sadko, which hopefully isn’t too far off as well. For Garrix and Jordan’s “Glitch” sequel, the Dutch duo decided to reset the clock back towards the more in-your-face, bigroom and electro house-angled demeanor from “BFAM,” their first-ever joint showing exactly eight years ago. Debatably Garrix’s most combative—for lack of a better word—cut under his own name since anything from his 2018 BYLAW EP, “Diamonds” mines towards another rich unearthing of Garrix and Jordan’s longstanding production synergy, with Tempah attaching a booming “Miami 2 Ibiza“-esque vocal that seals the answer of why the three reasonably branded their house-rap crossbred “Diamonds.” All three of the “Diamonds” engineers spoke on how the mega-merger came together, explaining,

“While working on ‘Diamonds’ I got a call from Martijn in the middle of the night; he had the idea of putting Tinie on the track. I rushed to his house and we finished the demo together that night. A few weeks later Tinie came to Amsterdam to record the vocals and the session was so much fun. Diamonds is a track that is all about energy, something fresh and new but definitely made for huge crowds. Combine all of this with Tinie’s infectious vocals and a banger is born.” – Julian Jordan

“The most precious stones that shine the brightest, come from the darkest places and under the most pressurised conditions. This is the essence behind the lyrics and production that Martin, Julian and I have worked on for ‘Diamonds’ and have applied to many records over the years. I’m so excited for the world to hear what we have been cooking up.” – Tinie Tempah

“I missed being on stage so much, and finally playing this track in front of a crowd during my first shows in almost two years felt insane. To also have both Julian and Tinie join me on stage to perform the track was so special. I’m really happy we finally get to release this one!” – Martin Garrix

Featured image: Louis van Baar

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