New report finds nearly 100,000 UK nightlife professionals lost jobs to COVID-19Fabric London Dancing Astronaut

New report finds nearly 100,000 UK nightlife professionals lost jobs to COVID-19

A new study conducted by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has found that 86,000 of those working in the UK‘s nightlife industry have lost their jobs amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The report also measured the significance of nightlife’s economic contribution prior to the pandemic, with 425,000 jobs across the country in 2018 making up 1.6% of the UK’s GDP valued at £36.4 billion. Speaking to the impact of the sector, NTIA CEO, Michael Kill, stated,

“After the 2008 economic crisis, it was hospitality that led the recovery, driving other forms of job creation and economic activity—the night time economy was a big part of that. The same can be true of this economic crisis, and clearly—on the basis of the evidence we present today—the night time economy will once again need to be at the heart of the recovery.”

The report found that the UK economy had lost 2% of its jobs between Q1 of 2020 and Q2 of 2022. The most affected were the food and accommodation segments which lost 20% of its positions. Christian Wakeford MP, CoChair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for the Night Time Economy, said in the report,

“As COVID-19 has ravaged the sector, it is important, now more than ever, to recognize the significance of nightlife industries; this report is a timely contribution to the policy debate in this area. As we look to rebuild from the devastation of the pandemic, we must not leave this vital sector behind.”

Rekom UK’s CEO, Peter Marks, also echoed encouragement towards the return of nightlife as countries ease lockdown, sharing in the report,

“Given the spectacular return of our guests to our clubs, at record levels for a summer, it just goes to show how important we are in the minds of young adults and how much we have been missed. We provide something different from the pubs, the big clubbing experience. We employ over 2,000 young adults, many of which will be their first jobs. Economically we are also significant. As we employ large numbers of people, coupled with alcohol tax we are extremely profitable for the treasury too, with 33p in the pound going to government.

“Clubs and dancing venues have been around in one form or another for 100 years, and there is no reason they cannot adapt and thrive for another 100.”


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