Stream Jasmine Canales’ rhythmically lush single, ‘Burn’Jasmine Canales

Stream Jasmine Canales’ rhythmically lush single, ‘Burn’

Introducing burgeoning singer-songwriter Jasmine Canales, whose soulful single, “Burn,” has officially landed. Canales emerges from Long Beach, California, where she built steel-solid support beams atop the city’s celebrated music scene. Produced by Kelsey González of the Free Nationals, her most trusted collaborator of the last 10 years, and Matty Chirch of BVRLY, “Burn” arrives ahead of the rising singer’s debut EP. A twist on the ’80s craze that the 2020’s can’t get enough of, “Burn” successfully juxtaposes ebullience and melancholy in just under three groovy minutes. Canales told Dancing Astronaut,

“When I wrote this song I was in the midst of dealing with a betrayal from someone I loved and trusted. I
chose to use that as fuel, and have fun with all the anger I was feeling. I went to the studio with Kels and
he was like well what should we do today, and I just needed something dancey and groovey to express
how mad I was as weird as that sounds. He started playing the keys you hear in the beginning, which at
first we thought were kinda goofy but the song kinda morphed into a banger. The whole experience of
making it was extremely cathartic to say the least!”

Stream “Burn” below, and stay tuned for the accompanying music video, due October 30.

Featured image: Matty Chirch

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