Rejoice, YouTube will soon have free background listeningYouTube

Rejoice, YouTube will soon have free background listening

Starting on November 3, all YouTube users in Canada will be able to use free background listening. The service is currently only offered to Premium subscribers, but the feature has been something music fans have been begging for pretty much since YouTube’s inception in 2005.

While those who aren’t paying for YouTube’s premium service will still need to suffer through ads and won’t have the opportunity for offline downloads, no longer will they need to drain their phone’s battery without being able to lock one’s screen. The new feature will be available on ad-supported radio mixes and all uploaded content. Google Canada took to Twitter to share the news with its audience.

While news of when the feature will be rolled out in the United States, Europe, Australia, and more has yet to be shared, Canadian streamers having the opportunity for free background listening signals to hopefully a larger rollout across several markets soon to come.

Featured Image: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg