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Rinzen, Enamour team up for collaborative EP ‘Photon’

After pairing up for “Quark” in 2019, Rinzen and Enamour have reunited for their collaborative Photon EP on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth. Featuring two seven-minute tracks, “Photon” and “Miracle of the Sun,” the release finds both artists taking a deep dive into atmospheric soundscapes and captivating instrumentals.

“Photon” brings forth a beat that pulls listeners into club-like atmospheres and grooving tendencies, meanwhile “Miracle of the Sun” flips into a more tribal feel, with chants appearing to dance below the surface and beating drums. Overall, the release allows for a startling dichotomy that showcases both Rinzen and Enamour’s talents.

Featured image: @rinzenmusic via Instagram

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