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Satellite Empire draw their hiatus to a close with ‘Eternal Vespers’

After five- and two-year hiatuses on the EP and original single ends, respectively, New York’s own Satellite Empire are throwing their shared sonic hat back into the release ring with “Eternal Vespers,” with which the duo re-stakes its claim on the electronic scene. The lead single from Satellite Empire’s forthcoming project, the Zeroth EP, lands via New Dawn Collective with textured pomp and circumstance.

Marked by vocal depth, the “Eternal Vespers'” toplines mingle with heady builds that borrow almost from the metal genre, adding a punch to Satellite Empire’s return number. The latest from Satellite Empire, who notably featured on Last Heroes‘ June 2019 one-off, “Take Your Time,” as well as volume 116 of Dexter’s Beat Laboratory, is available to stream below.

Featured image: Satellite Empire/Instagram