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Snakehips discuss ‘Never Worry Tour,’ new music at High Ground Festival [Interview]

Nearing the end of the Never Worry Tour, Ollie and James of Snakehips spared some time to sit down with Dancing Astronaut for an exclusive interview prior to their headlining set at Denver’s newest mainstay, High Ground Music Festival. The co-producers shared their sentiments on being back on the road, remarking,It feels good man. It’s quite humbling isn’t it? You didn’t realize [live performing] could go and suddenly it was all gone. It’s been great getting back out there.”

Facilitated by Levitate Events, the first installment of High Ground Music and Arts Festival featured performances from Snakehips, Kasbo, Louis Futon, and Chet Porter, among others. “We love Denver,” Snakehips said. “Everyone’s fucking chill. [High Ground Festival] just seemed like a good vibe [with] a bunch of sick artists that formed a really cool lineup.”

Thus far in 2021, Snakehips have dispatched two collaborative singles, “Run It Up” and “Freedom,” as well as a pair of remixes, their most recent being a recasting of MAX and Alix Gatie’s recent single, “Butterflies.” Might there be unreleased music in the duo’s current setlist?

“Yes, there is,” Snakehips said. “We don’t know just how soon it will drop, but there is one with our good friend Promnite that goes off and is a good vibe. So we’ll definitely be getting that one out soon.”

The Never Worry Tour’s name derives from the DJ duo’s signature imprint, Never Worry Records. What’s more, Ollie and James co-facilitate a long-form DJ mix series, “Never Worry Radio,” which showcases unreleased tunes and spotlights an exclusive guest DJ on each episode. Snakehips clarified,

“We always did kind of a mix series, like DJ mixes. We thought it would be cool to do a more long-form thing that we can talk in and do more like a radio show. It’s been really cool doing it around the record label as well. Just starting this whole new thing up and showcasing shit that we like.”

Snakehips have been active for more than a decade now. With an ever-evolving creative output, the veteran producers touched on their updated musical direction, remarking, “[Lately] we’ve been doing some more producer collaborations. We started off working with a lot of singers and rappers, and so we’re now trying to do some more ‘dancier’ stuff because that’s what gets us excited. People like Tony Romera, or Tchami. We want to get more into the dance music world.”

As Ollie and James gear up for their EDC Las Vegas set on October 24, followed by a performance at Audiotistic Festival in San Diego in November, listeners can soundtrack the wait for more Snakehips material with their latest remix, available to stream below.

Featured image: Frank Fieber

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