Tchami, Habstrakt’s talents collide on ‘Eternity’ featuring Lena LeonTchami

Tchami, Habstrakt’s talents collide on ‘Eternity’ featuring Lena Leon

Tchami and Habstrakt have come together for a collaboration that has been “a long time coming”—”Eternity” featuring Lena Leon. The producers, both of whom hail from France, merge their styles brilliantly while simultaneously placing a fresh spin on their respective signature sounds.

Tchami spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the release, noting, “‘Eternity’ is the song me and Habstrakt wanted to make together for a long time. We both stepped away from our usual styles to make this one special.”

Habstrakt also identified the single as a diversion from what his fans are used to in the context of his catalog. On Twitter, Habstrakt added that “Eternity” is his “favorite track in so long” and expressed his hope that fans can enjoy this side of his music.

“Eternity” featuring Lena Leon is out now via Tchami’s own Confession.

Featured image: Anthony Ghnassia

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