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Tommy Trash launches new record label Milky Wave, shares debut release, ‘Satisfy’

Tommy Trash has launched his own record label, Milky Wave, minting the new imprint with its inaugural release, “Satisfy.” Wanting to go deeper into the world of house music, Milky Wave allows for the veteran selector to release music on his own terms. The track blends Trash’s signature electro sound with groovy melodic house tropes, the higher vocal tones contrasting nicely with the track’s deeper instrumentals. Speaking on the release, Trash said in a press statement,

“I’ve wanted to launch a label for a long time but I was waiting for the perfect record to do it with. ‘Satisfy’ is that record. ‘Satisfy’ is the very first release from my new imprint, Milky Wave, and it feels like a good taste of what’s to come. I’ve been on such a huge journey these past few years, both personally and in my career, and I’ve been rediscovering a lot of great house music along the way. This record really captures everything I love about house. It’s a bona fide club jam and the sort of music I’m excited about putting on Milky Wave. Hope you dig it.”

Milky Wave signals more than just the start of a new creative endeavor for Trash, too. A more sober, expressive, and centered Tommy Trash has emerged from a considerable hiatus, which found the producer combating years of EDM burnout with quiet waves in Thailand and potent ayahuasca-born epiphanies in Central and South America. Now, following a comeback single to launch deadmau5‘s new Hau5trap offshoot earlier this year, Tommy Trash is officially setting his own label operation into motion, ushered in by “Satisfy.”

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