Wooli, Trivecta ‘Light Up The Sky’ with Scott StappWooli Trivecta And Scott Stapp

Wooli, Trivecta ‘Light Up The Sky’ with Scott Stapp

Wooli, Trivecta, and Scott Stapp “Light Up The Sky” with a new Ophelia Records-issued one-off that finds the producers teaming up with Stapp, whom listeners may recognize as the lead singer of Creed. Blending rock with melodic dance, the track paves a new road for Stapp while showcasing the strides that Wooli and Trivecta have made within the genre time and time again on “Island” and “Falling.”

Trivecta and Wooli both joined in on the recent Ophelia Records mega collaboration, which also saw contributions from Seven Lions himself, Jason Ross, Kill The Noise, Blastoyz, and Dimibo. Wooli also released “Crazy” in September. Stream “Light Up The Sky” below.

Featured image: Trivecta/Instagram

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