Adventure Club emit final pre-album single, ‘Never Surrender’Adventure Club Cyk Media

Adventure Club emit final pre-album single, ‘Never Surrender’

Coming off of their most recent release, “Drive” alongside Tilian and BEAUZ, Adventure Club have returned for their final pre-album single, “Never Surrender” with Codeko and Sarah De Warren. The duo’s sophomore album, Love // Chaos, is slated to hit streaming platforms near the end of the year.

Hinging on the trials and tribulations that go hand-in-hand with post-relationship heartbreak, “Never Surrender” fuses Adventure Club and Codeko’s pristine production capabilities with Sarah De Warren’s grounded lyricism and vocals. Melancholy meets melodic on a nostalgic entity laced electric guitar and crisp snares. Fall into the evocative soundscape that is “Never Surrender” below.

Featured image: CYK Media

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