Gibson Parker remakes his second-ever song—stream ‘Long Gone’Gibson Parker Space Yacht

Gibson Parker remakes his second-ever song—stream ‘Long Gone’

Gibson Parker‘s career continues to gain momentum, and his newest release “Long Gone” is another great addition to his growing roster of music. This time, Parker chooses a vocal-forward structure to craft a cut that would do well on radio airwaves or in a live performance setting. The elaborate production blends groovy notes with an upbeat house bassline and instrumental layers heavily reliant on piano.

Parker spoke with Dancing Astronaut about the release, sharing, “The chords and the idea were actually in the second house song I’ve ever attempted to make when I first got into electronic music years ago. When I recently revisited the track, I knew I had to remake it. The end result couldn’t have been any better.”

“Long Gone” is Parker’s third release this year on IN / ROTATION.

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