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Louis Futon raises the heat with final album single, ‘Turn It Up’

On track toward his sophomore album, Couchsurfing, Louis Futon has just delivered fans the fourth album single, “Turn It Up.” Consisting of a variety of styles within the already layered album, Futon moves effortlessly from a combination of funk and hip-hop voyages like “Ron Burgundy” and “Re-Up” into a soulful R&B design on “Turn It Up.”

Birthed through an experimental jam session with Futon and the track’s singer Lavance Colley, “Turn It Up” offers listeners an expressive jazz encounter. Buoyant and nearly completely improvised, the first studio session with Colley marks a creatively empowering moment for the two after meeting at a public jam session. Futon recalls,

“I first heard Lavance Colley sing at a jam session we both played at. I was absolutely blown away by his voice, and wanted to work with him immediately. He came to my house and we wrote/recorded this song in about an hour. Without a doubt, it was some of the most electrifying energy I’ve ever felt in a studio session.”

Futon’s full-length album hits streaming platforms on November 12, offering his four latest pre-album singles alongside never before heard, wide-ranging stylistic entities. Stream his most recent below.

Featured image: Jake Southard

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