Mazde reunites with LissA for tender new single, ‘Hold My Breath’Mazde LissA

Mazde reunites with LissA for tender new single, ‘Hold My Breath’

When it comes to making music, Mazde and LissA’s joint efforts are like chocolate and caramel–everything they create is equal parts smooth and delicious. Their history of releases date back to 2015 when the two tastemakers came together to produce the now timeless Mazde x LissA EP, featuring hits like ‘Battas’, ‘Pitch Black’ and ‘Dig Deep’.

Now, six years and many releases later, Mazde and LissA have reunited for ‘Hold My Breath’, one of the lead singles from Mazde’s debut album. With both acts maturing like a fine wine, the single is among 2021’s most passionate releases, as LissA’s tender vocals pull at listener’s heartstrings while Mazde’s now-realized productions set the sonic tone with vivid and hazy soundscapes. To pull back the curtain on the track’s lyrical meaning, Dancing Astronaut discussed the new release with LissA,

“The song is about holding back and not admitting your feelings for someone because you are too afraid of getting hurt by his/her rejection. Rather than saying what’s bothering you, you play it cool until you can’t anymore and will freak out about the smallest issue that escalates into the biggest fight.

Rather than admitting how you feel, you keep your guard up because you feel safer and less vulnerable. Rather than saying that you love somebody, you hold your breath and remain silent.

You can keep living on that, but you might as well ask yourself:

Are the chances of getting hurt by the person you have feelings for smaller or bigger than eventually regretting that you didn’t confess your love when you should have?”

Mazde and LissA’s new single “Hold My Breath” lands on the Berlin-based producer’s debut full length, alongside additional collaborations with Lisa Mitchell, Rromarin, Hugo, and Young Naughty Soul. Listen to both “Hold My Breath” and the extended play below.

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