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Moore Kismet disperses final album single, ‘Call Of The Unicorn’ with Tasha Baxter

Dancing Astronaut‘s Breakout Artist of 2020, Moore Kismet, has shared the final single from their upcoming album UNIVERSE, “Call Of The Unicorn” with Tasha Baxter. The 16-year-old non-binary producer has teased one of our most-anticipated albums of the year, delivering singles such as “Rumor,” “Vendetta For Cupid,” and “Autonomy,” with the final single encapsulating the LP ahead of its release. Speaking on the production process of the track, Kismet shared,

“’Call of the Unicorn’ originally started out as a sound design experimentation session, but ended up becoming something so much bigger. When I started flushing out the full arrangement, I realize that I wanted this song to have an anthemic feel. Not too much going on, but still enough to draw a listener into the song. Tasha Baxter is a songwriter and vocalist that I have admired since I was a little kid. When we first met, the only thing we can talk about is how much music meant to us. I sent her the original demo of COTU, and within days, she came back to me with a vocal cut. We want people to feel powerful, beautiful, and strong when they listen to this song. It’s how it makes us feel, and we hope that message spreads to everyone who hears it.”

“Call Of The Unicorn” fittingly arrives as the first track that Kismet had ever written for the album back in 2018, combining lustrous R&B atmospheres alongside Baxter’s celestial vocal harmonies before breaking away into trebling dubstep bass lines and high-pitched synths. Kismet’s final album track tops off a preview of the boundary pushing production soon to be heard on their forthcoming LP UNIVERSE that’s set to release in 2022.

Featured image: DNZ Media

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