MZG usher in the end of their hiatus with ‘Wind It’MZG

MZG usher in the end of their hiatus with ‘Wind It’

At the 96 BPM marker sits MZG‘s “Wind It.” It’s the first cut to come out of the MZG camp in nearly one full year’s time, arriving as a response to the twin duo’s single with Chris Karns, “She’s Alright,” released in November 2020. Said by MZG to be their “approach to an avant-garde heavy bass hitter,” the number from MZG’s Zach and Charles Weinert administers streamers a hearty dose of trap-influenced hype, materializing as MZG’s statement-making return to the electronic release ring.

“Wind It” from MZG—short for “monozygotic,” the scientific term that refers to two identical twins—began as a bass drop that the Weinerts conceptualized as being particularly “dark and descending,” they remarked.

“We knew going in that it would be more of a left-field banger and for the longest time, there was something missing. One day I watched Zoolander and heard the song ‘Start the Commotion’ by The Wiseguys. There’s a part before the drop where they say “fire it up baby,” and for some reason I heard it as “wind it up baby,” Charles added. “From that point on, it was a life mission to get the phrase “wind it” in before this particular drop, and it has been history ever since. Sometimes inspiration can come from the strangest of places and you never know that watching a movie could be that strange place.”

Stream “Wind It” below.