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NERO delivers their own spin on Lakou Mizik and Joseph Ray’s ‘No Rival!’

NERO puts their best foot forward on a new remix of Lakou Mizik and Joseph Ray‘s “No Rival!” Slowing down the track’s original funk framework and creating a piece that finds the chanting take a more isolated approach, NERO creates an epic feel that twists the initial atmosphere of the track into something much more cinematic. While NERO as a group have taken on their own band member, Joseph Ray’s solo work, the new remix stylistically shares both acts’ signature hallmarks, leaving integral elements of the original cut intact, while also undoubtedly modifying the track in a way that screams NERO.

The veteran UK outfit’s “No Rival!” remix comes as the group’s first official release since 2018’s “Lullaby.” Prior to their new remix, the group released unofficial edits of Daft Punk‘s “Emotion,” Tame Impala‘s “Disciples,” and Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s ubiquitous, “Relax” via Audius. Coming off the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of their groundbreaking debut, Welcome Reality, NERO still firmly hold a place among dance music’s greats, and a decade later it appears they still haven’t missed a beat.

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