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Seven Lions taps Grandfather Machine for last-minute addition to ‘Returning To You’ remix package

Outside of Andrew Bayer describing Grandfather Machine as “a new project from an old friend of mine” and this Instagram post from Farin Hite, there’s only a sliver of information surrounding the newest Ophelia Records signee. But the label has always been one to unearth and champion deserving talent, doing so once again with a bonus fourth reimagining of Bayer’s cross with Seven Lions and Alison May, “Returning To You.”

After the trio called upon Far Out, Sultan + Shepard, and Kill The Noise to handle the initial batch of spins exactly one month prior, Grandfather Machine has now been roped in for both his first-ever release and his label entry, joining the collaboration’s remix package as a last-minute annex. Grandfather Machine lets no time pass before his cinematic touch greets the Ophelia Records doors, with the enigmatic producer wrapping May’s vocals in a coat of angelic, piano-dripped nirvana that leaves no room for questioning as to why his remodel merited an authorized delivery at the eleventh hour. Farin Hite explains that he actually co-wrote the “Returning To You” vocals with Bayer and May in his Los Angeles studio more than two years ago, stating,

“I’d like to introduce my new artist project: @grandfathermachine starting as a collaboration with my good friends Andrew Bayer, Alison May, and Seven Lions. I helped Andrew & Al track vocals for this colab nearly 2.5 years ago at my studio here in LA. I knew immediately that I wanted to do a remix of this, taking it to a completely different place I heard in my mind. This is a glimpse into how Andrew and I have always worked since we met in Boston 15 years ago… We take each others ideas, flip them on their head… sometimes unrecognizably so…. no idea is ever to precious, and we always have trust that whatever the other person is hearing, has some value and can inform the final product.”

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