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Swedish House Mafia reveal details surrounding ‘Paradise Again’ creative process, confirm tour set details

While we await more concrete details surrounding Paradise Again—which is now scheduled for sometime in 2022 instead of late 2021—Swedish House Mafia have continued to trickle out information about their debut album and its coinciding international run. Exactly two weeks after “Moth To A Flame” with The Weeknd and one week removed from the heart-stopping liberation of the original “It Gets Better” version, AxwellSebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello followed up their initial Billboard bombshell feature with a conversation with NME, where they answered a handful of questions that have remained prevalent in the Swedes’ Discord and subreddit.

Right off the bat, Sebastian Ingrosso reassures us all that the trio’s classics of the early 2010s will always have a place in their sets, adding that they wanted to “challenge ourselves, challenge the fans, and challenge the sound. The reunion was never going to be just a tour because we were so excited about the idea of doing something new.” As the wait for Swedish House Mafia’s formal return to the decks at Coachella 2022 nears the five-month mark (not including Audacy Beach Festival this December), Steve Angello was candid in saying that he’s “nervous about that first time [they] get back on stage because of how much energy and emotion there will be. It’s going to be an incredible feeling.” They’ll also have a “different, cool, and new” production setup to debut as well, something that’s expectedly different from their three-part reunion tour setup in 2019.

Although it could be said that the current group of Paradise Again singles hasn’t necessarily pinned down a singular creative direction for the album, Ingrosso confirms that it still possesses the trio’s innate character of “combining Scandinavian melodies with dark production and hard sounds,” going on to add that “some songs made us want to cry, dance and hug, because it felt like the best four minutes of the whole year, while others, as Steve says, make you want to drive your car straight into a wall.“ In terms of features, it’s confirmed that Ty Dolla $ign, 070 Shake, and The Weeknd won’t be the last of them on the album’s tracklist, with Ingrosso revealing that the album includes “people that maybe you wouldn’t think we’d have worked with.” The conversation’s single most mouthwatering part has to be Ingrosso’s teaser that Paradise Again may not end up being the sole Swedish House Mafia body of work to materialize, with him explaining that the three churned out 45 tracks during its creation process, resulting in four total albums that “might become something else someday.”

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