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UMEK’s Viberate is changing the game for artists around the world

Even before the advent of the streaming platform, making it in the music industry was always a tall task. And at a certain point, the internet has made it even tougher. With more than 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify each day, every artist’s new release is competing with nearly 100 million others for attention. In short, it’s hard out there.

Now, a growing number of artists are taking their careers into their own hands with the use of strong data analytics and metrics. At the forefront of the startups helping artists get their music to the right audience is the music research and analytics platform Viberate, co-founded by veteran DJ and producer, UMEK. Speaking from a place of personal experience, UMEK tells Dancing Astronaut,

“I’ve been in the business for more than 20 years now, so I’ve probably seen every struggle there is,” adding, “It’s like yin and yang; making music is one of the best things in life, and fighting to be seen and heard sucks big time. We’re here to change all that with data.”

In short, Viberate offers an omnichannel monitoring capability that scans all major social, streaming, and music channels including radio play, Spotify, Beatport, Instagram, YouTube, and more, all in one place. “We take that data and create insights that we as artists use to grow our streaming and radio numbers, engage our fans better, find potential gigs and markets, and also learn from each other’s work,” says UMEK.

What’s more—a smooth interface with intention design makes for an easy, user-friendly experience and producers interested in the analytics side of growing their brand can test-drive the platform for free. Artists can start by checking if their page is already listed on Viberate, diving into an overview of their individual stats, and get an inside look at what data can do to help one stand out.

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