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WE ARE FURY give ‘Talking To Ghosts’ the remix treatment

As is becoming a trend with Canadian duo WE ARE FURY, their latest single “Talking To Ghosts” with Nikademis and SOUNDR has been given a full remix package with songs being released once each day in the time leading up to the album’s release. Enter ZIN, Sam Day, Darby and Blosso, and NO HOPE., who each got a chance to put their own take on “Talking To Ghosts.” The original saw WE ARE FURY go back to their melodic roots while the remixes go in a multitude of different directions. ZIN, harkening back to a popular term coined by Porter Robinson, puts a complextro twist on the original, Sam Day gives the tune a house touch, Darby and Blosso join forces for the first time on the joint release, while NO HOPE. slows things down a bit with a beautiful variation on the original.

WE ARE FURY continue to blaze their own trail by releasing the remix package independently and show no signs of sowing down their recent release run. “Talking To Ghosts” and the subsequent remixes follow their first post-DUALITY release “Remember.” Stream the remix package for “Talking To Ghosts” below.

Featured image: Curtis Huisman

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