What So Not and EVAN GIIA join on ‘Messin’ Me Up’What So Not Insta Cr Blair Brown

What So Not and EVAN GIIA join on ‘Messin’ Me Up’

Returning to streaming platforms with an original track for the first time since April, What So Not is back for an all new collaborative effort, “Messin’ Me Up.” Written and produced alongside CHVRCHES‘ Martin Doherty and EVAN GIIA, the track was an outpouring of emotion from the trying slate of current events that has dominated the last two years, from the Australian bushfires to the pandemic. What So Not comments on the formulation of “Messin’ Me Up” stating,

“This record is a giant crescendo. Beginning sparse and sombre, it evolves into an operatic onslaught of vocals and hardware…The thematics showcase the virulent tendencies of humankind. Chaotic turmoil in everything from relationships to the environment.”

Taking a sharp turn inward, this latest delivery from the Aussie veteran creates a space for introspection and reflection. Pushing his production wherewithal to the brink, What So Not spent months researching electronic sub-genres such as baile funk orchestral compositions, and more to find a unique space where the classic What So Not sound meets something new and unheard of. This, in tandem with GIIA’s powerful and resounding vocals, gives way to an anthem worth repeated listens that begs the question as to what else has What So Not been cooking in the studio over the last few years. Listen to “Messin’ Me Up” below.

Featured image: Blair B. Brown

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