W&W and Blasterjaxx defend bigroom reign for a fourth time on ‘Dynamite (Bigroom Nation)’Umf14b 015

W&W and Blasterjaxx defend bigroom reign for a fourth time on ‘Dynamite (Bigroom Nation)’

Bigroom couldn’t be any farther removed from hitting the genre graveyard, and W&W and Blasterjaxx are making sure of that as they always have and will always continue to do. The Dutch quartet has previously met up three different times dating back to 2014, with two Revealed Recordings masterpieces in “Rocket” and “Bowser” as well as their Rave Culture missile “Let the Music Take Control” from 2019 to their credit. Not a moment has gone by since that summer release day from more than two years ago that pleas for a fourth clash ceased to exist, with W&W and Blasterjaxx finally putting that to rest by unleashing “Dynamite (Bigroom Nation)” on the former’s label home.

Every single time W&W and Blasterjaxx have met since welcoming “Rocket” at Ultra’s 2014 iteration, their crossovers have consistently bred a distinctive flair of premium bigroom. Dating back to the Rave Culture heads’ Club Mythic follow-up stream from this past summer, “Dynamite (Bigroom Nation)” is more than aptly branded and lends itself to a legendary timeline between the pair of bigroom Goliaths. Re-employing the vocals of Blasterjaxx’s own Thom Jonkind—who also backed the two sides’ 2019 connection—the fourth link between W&W and Blasterjaxx makes the decision of electing a lone favorite between the group even more insoluble, with the multi-headed powerhouse simply doing what they do best: breeding bigroom at the highest level.

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