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Another week, another ‘Fire & Ice’ remake—stream Kaskade’s edit of ‘ICE’

Kaskade‘s tally of consecutive release weeks expands with the December 17 revelation of Fire + Ice v3‘s “ICE v3.” The latest Fire & Ice conversion finds The Moth & The Flame standing in for Dan Black, who assumed vocal duties on the Dada Life-aided original. The more attentive of Kaskade’s audience will remember the Los Angeles-anchored alternative rock band from October 2020’s “Haunt Me” and September 2021’s “Haunt Me V.2,” and as on the pair of earlier productions, the outfit’s smoky vocal presence smolders on the edit. The ruminative recasting flirts with techno influence from start to finish, heightening the contrast between Kaskade’s 2021 take on the track and the original’s technics.

As the wait for Fire + Ice v3 continues to tick down, an extended version of the remake album’s first revision, “Turn It Down v3,” hit Beatport and Traxsource. Per Kaskade, each Fire + Ice v3 inclusion will come with a “more playable DJ extended version that will go on both Beatport and Traxsource.” The next track to get the extended treatment will presumably be “Lessons In Love v3.”

Featured image: Kaskade/Instagram

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