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Jack Back closes out 2021 with the techno-inspired ‘Supercycle’

David Guetta‘s Jack Back alias may be known for its tech-house and often soulful grooves, but the core of the pseudonym is simply tied to the sweet sounds of the underground.

Case in point is Jack Back’s newest release alongside Citizen Kain & Kiko, “Supercycle.” The single is a psychedelic and tantalizing club tune that highlights a previously unheard rift of the surging underground moniker. With a rolling beat, as well as motif-setting blips and beeps, it’s clear that the production trio behind “Supercycle” prioritized atmosphere over peak-hour festival drops, a fitting choice for a release on VER:WEST‘s AFTR:HRS imprint.

Between Jack Back and David Guetta’s own releases, it becomes abundantly clear why the French tastemaker reigns as the world’s #1 DJ. Between the two acts, Guetta has managed to cover everything from MainStage progressive house sounds, like the Grammy-nominated “Hero” alongside Afrojack, to tech-house and techno, all while championing the global phenomenon that is future rave, but what’s most impressive is that he hasn’t had to sacrifice any quality along the way.

Jack Back, Citizen Kain & Kiko’s newest single “Supercycle” is out now. Listen to the full stream below.

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