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Florian Picasso reflects on his ‘Héritage’ with progressive house-filled EP on STMPD RCRDS

Florian Picasso’s background isn’t quite comparable to most of his dance music peers—or most artists in general for that matter—and he decided to celebrate that by doing what he does best. Appropriately titled Héritage, Picasso set out to pay homage to his late great grandfather—the revolutionary artist the world knows as Pablo Picasso—through a three-sided EP delivered through STMPD RCRDS. Preceded by a reunion with the label boss and “YUME,” Picasso has now formally completed the tribute project with its third and concluding addition, “Make It Home.”

To reach the end of the Héritage arc, Picasso gave his commemorative EP one final leg while continuing write his “own history and following Pablo Picasso’s legacy.” And his late great grandfather would be more than proud, with “Make It Home” arriving beside another futuristic, movie-like visual as Picasso dials up a third successive round of progressive house brilliance as he takes the track title to heart and gracefully puts a bow on his year. Héritage won’t formally close with just Picasso’s third and final single, with Dermit, Jack Mernin, and Paul Bashour—three artists who appeared in each of the music videos—having created art pieces inspired by the late icon, which will be auctioned off to raise money for charity in the coming weeks.

Featured image: Florian Picasso/Instagram

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