House, nu-disco, and pop converge on Leo Tebele’s ‘Feeling Close’Leo Tebele E1640625098726

House, nu-disco, and pop converge on Leo Tebele’s ‘Feeling Close’

In “Feeling Close,” Leo Tebele finds a formidable follow-up to his first original production, “Summer Boy.” The vocal-centric answer to Tebele’s August 2020 career debut extends the breezy, summery sonic personality of “Summer Boy” in a house, nu-disco, and pop-amalgamating framework with vocals from Layla and easy listening appeal. Although the New York-anchored act, who holds a residency at SoHo’s Socialista Lounge, has cultivated a reputation in the city’s live circuit, since 2020, Tebele’s trained his focus on establishing and expanding a catalog of original cuts from which to pull during his sets. “Feeling Close” is a temperature-spiking addition to Tebele’s burgeoning collection of queue occupiers.

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