JVNA releases stunning debut album ‘Hope In Chaos’Press Pic JVNA C 36NEE

JVNA releases stunning debut album ‘Hope In Chaos’

Meet JVNA, the California-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that plays with dichotomy; of light and dark, bass and melody, organic and synthetic. Her stunning debut album “Hope In Chaos” is a deeply personal and emotive body of work with a unique sonic style that draws from pop, rock, and bass styles.

The twelve-track LP explores many of her life experiences, covering a range of emotions, both dark and light, including the loss of her father, guilt, love, lust, sexism, and forging ahead. JVNA kicks things off on her debut with “Chaos” a gripping track that sets an ominous tone for the first half of the album, meant to represent the most painful stages of grief. “Where You Are” sees JVNA expressing a deep longing for lost love with cinematic sonic elements, while “Ghost” showcases a future bass sensibility. “Sins” captures the sultry and turbulent energy of lust and questionable activities. The first half “Hope In Chaos” closes appropriately with the interlude “Hope,” that transitions into the healing process of grief. “At Least It Was Fun” takes on the issue of heartbreak and tries to spin it into a positive. Her catharsis continues leading up to the epilogue “Fly” that ends things on a poignant and beautiful note. This debut is an honest, intimate, and truly beautiful musical journey that fans of any genres will appreciate.