Kaskade enlists Cayson Renshaw for contemporary rinse of ‘Lessons In Love’Kaskade

Kaskade enlists Cayson Renshaw for contemporary rinse of ‘Lessons In Love’

Over a four-month stretch of re-familiarizing, re-recording, and re-producing, Kaskade looked at his 2011 LP, Fire & Ice, through a 2021 lens. At the heart of the initiative, undertaken in honor of the project’s 10-year anniversary, was a question: “How would this sound if I made it today?”

That’s a creative inquiry that Kaskade will answer in full via Fire + Ice v3. For now, though, his responses will come piecemeal, in song-by-song fashion.

On December 3, the Redux producer’s audience learned that “Turn It Down,” the lead Fire + Ice v3 single, would take on a more demure character when remade 10 years later. Although the original was a natural fit for a festival main stage, well-suited to pyro-synchronized beat drops, the “Turn It Down” of Fire + Ice v3 would become a moody flirtation not with the mainstream but rather with the underground.

After casting “Turn It Down” in a different shade, Kaskade—true to his promise to dispense a new Fire + Ice v3 inclusion each Friday leading up to the LP’s release—returns for the second consecutive week, this time with an update on “Lessons In Love.”

“The original of ‘Lessons In Love’ was arguably the biggest banger on the album. Production-wise, it was probably the most upfront. I made it for the club,” Kaskade said. “For ‘v3’ of this song I went a different route, since I had covered the club space already.”

By traveling down that “different route” in tandem, listeners meet the cut’s breezier cousin. Thanks in part to a vocal swap that reassigns topline duties from Neon Trees to Cayson Renshaw, “Lessons In Love” trades its club-aimed ammunition for ambience—without losing any of its firepower.

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