Kaskade reconvenes with Late Night Alumni for ‘How Long v3’Kaskade

Kaskade reconvenes with Late Night Alumni for ‘How Long v3’

On December 24, Kaskade‘s following had reason to pause Kaskade Christmas: the release of “How Long v3.”

Tacking on to previous Fire + Ice v3 singles “Turn It Down v3,” “Lessons In Love v3,” and “ICE v3,” “How Long v3” is indeed the third version of the Fire & Ice tracklisting. The Redux producer notably included an “ICE Mix” of “How Long” on the 2011 LP, distributed via Ultra Records.

“How Long v3” is the first Fire & Ice recasting to feature the artist(s) who appeared on the original version. Whereas “Turn It Down v3,” “Lessons In Love v3,” and “ICE v3” saw Kaskade delegate vocal duties to Cop Kid, Cayson Renshaw, and The Moth & The Flame, respectively—10 years after the song’s original vocals were cut separately by Rebecca & Fiona, Neon Trees, and Dan Black—”How Long v3″ repositions Kaskade alongside American house group Late Night Alumni. Late Night Alumni—of which Kaskade is a founding member—supply a breathy topline evocative of the trance vocal style for which they’re known. Becky Jean Williams’ vocals sit atop ebbing production that’s well-suited for an intimate club setting but also has the dexterity to also shine within the walls of an underground warehouse.

Stream the fourth Fire + Ice v3 single below.

Featured image: Mark Owens

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