Lane 8 turns ‘vaccine banger’ ID into most awaited ‘Reviver’ member yet, ‘Nuclear Lethargy’FCkDkmrVUAAbhkQ

Lane 8 turns ‘vaccine banger’ ID into most awaited ‘Reviver’ member yet, ‘Nuclear Lethargy’

The highly coveted, fan-dubbed “vaccine banger” from Lane 8 is officially here. For those confused by the foregoing sentence, Dancing Astronaut‘s reigning artist of the year shared a work-in-progress ID to his Twitter back in March, auspiciously adding that “all this good vaccine news has [him] writing bangers again.” Just based on that alone, it would’ve come as a fortuitous call that the ID would go on to personify the driving direction of Lane 8’s next album, now earning the name of “Nuclear Lethargy” and joining both “Reviver” and “What Have You Done To Me?” to finalize a Reviver preview trifecta.

To start, “Nuclear Lethargy” immediately steps into the hall of fame of track titles and ends the eight-month guessing game—which a few people on his subreddit actually won—of what one of Lane 8’s most thunderous originals would inevitably be labeled. Having traveled alongside its creator from everywhere from Brooklyn Mirage to Red Rocks to EDC Las Vegas and paired with a drop-dead artwork that was captured in the Rocky Mountains by Jason Siegel , “Nuclear Lethargy” ultimately—and thankfully—won’t lend itself to our eventual favorite unreleased IDs moving into the new year, with the This Never Happened head cranking the “dancefloor-focused” stylistic notch up on Reviver for a third successive instance as January 21 inches closer and closer.

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