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Nurko asserts his melodic bass dominance on ‘Hallelujah’ with Devon Baldwin

Classics never go out of style and Leonard Cohen’s 1984 song “Hallelujah” is certainly as classic as it gets. But almost four decades later, nobody could have guessed the form it would take in 2021. Leave it to melodic mastermind Nurko, who calls on Devon Baldwin to cover the enchanting lyrics, to put a touch on “Hallelujah” like nobody else could. Nurko said he wanted to “do something unique and different” with his cover and said he was inspired by the late Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, who covered it at Chris Cornell’s funeral. As if that imaging isn’t powerful enough, just wait until you hear the song itself.

Nurko has an upcoming EP set to drop sometime in early 2022 that already includes “Disappearing Now” with Chandler Leighton. “Hallelujah” gets its own moment in the sun as the producer’s debut on Insomniac’s Lost In Dreams imprint. The single won’t be included on the upcoming EP, meaning that we have plenty more new Nurko music coming. He recently dropped his stunning orchestral live edit of “Sideways” with ILLENIUM and Valerie Broussard on Proximity’s YouTube page, adding to an already-stacked catalog of music for one of our Artists To Watch in 2021. Stream Nurko and Devon Baldwin’s cover of “Hallelujah” below.

Featured image: Bobby Bengal

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