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Truth x Lies, J. Worra, BIJOU furnish ‘Zhudio54’ remixes

Eight months after it first figured among DREAMLAND 2021‘s tracklistings, ZHU and partywithray‘s voiceover-ridden “Zhudio54” is getting a second wind, thanks to J. Worra, Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 Truth x Lies, and BIJOU‘s sonic sleights of hand. The respective takes on the warehouse filler shine in their own ways; J. Worra and Truth x Lies are unified in their tech-house approach, but their spins diverge in terms of the elements that each highlights. Whereas J. Worra puts an emphasis on climactic builds, Truth x Lies let their bassline do the talking—and it’s got a lot to say. Self-proclaimed “G-House Wizard” BIJOU meanwhile can be found deftly working within his wheelhouse. Though the lacquers are different, the effect is the same: the remixes are body work-worthy and add a sense of sleekness to ZHU and partywithray’s already-slick original. Step into the re-envisioned “Zhudio54” below.

Featured image: @domoohh/Instagram

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