Apple Music mints new fitness mix series with Aluna, Loud Luxury, Valentino Khan, and moreAluna By Jeremy Paul Bali 1

Apple Music mints new fitness mix series with Aluna, Loud Luxury, Valentino Khan, and more

Apple Music is capitalizing on its DJ mix capabilities, offering the “new year, new you” crowd a proper soundtrack for getting back in shape this year. Following a batch of New Year’s Eve mixes from some of the best in the industry, including two of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists To Watch in 2022, Fred again.. and LP Giobbi, the streaming titan has now stepped up to bat with a fitness-focused mix series with a grip of exciting participants.

Broken up into four fitness subcategories, Ride, Run, Gym, and Yoga, the separate mixes are easy to navigate for specific potential workouts in mind. Aluna has curated the Ride subcategory which features a relaxed build up to 90-BPM and tracks that will carry one through the latter part of the work out. Loud Luxury, crafting Run, gift listeners with an upbeat collection of tracks that, according to the duo, “keep you on pace so you’re never getting bored but also not losing all of your energy on one song.” The gym-centric mix, taken over by Valentino Khan, boasts intense hip-hop and house tracks alongside his own vibrant outings. Finally, Above & Beyond were fittingly entrusted with the yoga portion of the series, taking the listener through a vinyasa flow practice, commenting, “That’s always been the goal with our ‘Flow State’ albums and mixes. We try to structure our mindfulness mixes with a smaller, intimate opening before stretching out to more string-based records.”

For a one-of-a-kind exercise experience, check out the varying mixes on Apple Music.

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