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Blanke sets Ophelia Records EP in motion on glowing cross with Donna Tella, ‘Stuck On You’

A new Blanke EP on Ophelia Records? 2022 truly couldn’t have started with any better news. Fresh off his newly crowned title as one of the minds behind Dancing Astronaut’s 2021 Track of the Year, Blanke is now traveling back to the imprint that doubles as the host to that forenamed release and also our reigning label of the year. Land Of The Wayfarer—scheduled for March 4—will see Blanke stack up seven different productions on release day, but not before he shares its maiden preview in tandem with Donna Tella, “Stuck On You.”

While his release art—and Ophelia’s art in general—is consistently top-notch, Land Of The Wayfarer has an added sense of connection for Blanke as it commissions a one-of-one artist for all of its designs: his very own mother. Blanke had explained that his first-ever Ophelia EP would lengthen the dive into the melodic approach that he originally built through label appearances like “Spark” and “Survive.” And “Stuck On You” is an effortless stretch of that side of Blanke’s music, showing off his universal production depth through an electric guitar-filled slice of melodic bass brilliance that’s paired with Donna Tella’s heartstring-tugging lyrical emotion. With just beyond a month to go before Blanke’s EP is realized in full, “Stuck On You” sets a more than promising tone for the remaining six Land Of The Wayfarer tracks, which will hopefully include an appearance from his RUNN union from our most-anticipated IDs of 2022 list.

Featured image: Austin Monte

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