Good Morning Mix: Blanke caps EDC Las Vegas’ second day with booming set at circuitGROUNDSFCgV7YsUUAIFm9

Good Morning Mix: Blanke caps EDC Las Vegas’ second day with booming set at circuitGROUNDS

Staying up until 4:30AM of EDC Las Vegas is a tough ask, but Blanke sits on a short list of artists that are worth witnessing at any time of day. Coming off one of his most momentous performances to date—a return to Red Rocks in support of ILLENIUM—Blanke was commissioned by EDC Las Vegas to man circuitGROUNDS at the tail end of day two for the stage’s terminal billing. While we now wait for the impending first preview of LAND OF THE WAYFARER—Blanke’s seven-track Ophelia Records EP that’s due on March 4—we’re going back to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to re-experience his unforgettable set from EDC’s 25th anniversary celebration.

Closing out EDC Las Vegas’ circuitGROUNDS was something that Blanke held at the top of his bucket list after listening to Pasquale Rotella’s podcasts while at home in Australia. And despite how much of a struggle it might’ve been for those packed inside the wrap-around stage during the early morning hours of October 23 to carry on, Blanke kept everyone moving from minute one to minute 49, flawlessly following up his Red Rocks tracklist and firing off everything from “Spark” with Dia Frampton to his unreleased Zeds Dead pairing to “Mitosis” with Deathpact to an unreleased ID alongside the “Only Now” acapella to a finale with none other than Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 track of the year, “One More Day.”

Relive Blanke’s complete set from EDC Las Vegas’ circuitGROUNDS below.

Featured image: Alex Estrada

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