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Premiere: DVRKO reflects on love and life in debut LP, ‘Undone’

Ahead of the release of his debut LP, Undone, DVRKO is giving Dancing Astronaut an exclusive listen to the full album. Officially arriving on all streaming platforms on January 21, DVRKO explains that the new project was broadly inspired by,

“So many things, love and life, the experiences we go through in our personal relationships. So many of the songs are regarding relationships and love.”

DVRKO cements his sound with the new record, each track flowing smoothly into the next as he enlists the likes of Jules, Dancing Astronaut Supernova RUNN, Blossom, and more across Undone‘s 12-track span. Tracks such as “Malibu” take on a softer tone, while “Nothing I Wouldn’t Do” finds a bouncing beat and textured synthwork.

“I’ve always really loved the ‘Nothing I Wouldn’t Do’ track, just the phrase in general,” DVKRO told Dancing Astronaut email. “When you have people around you that you love and care about there is literally nothing you wouldn’t do for them.”

“Honestly, the whole album pretty much flowed itself out. Once I got into the zone of what I wanted to do it just kinda created itself,” added the enigmatic beatmaker. Looking ahead to the new year, DVRKO confirms that he has quite a lot planned, including, More amazing music and remixes, touring around the world to support the album,” DVRKO said.

“Also dropping another album later this year with remakes of classic songs that have always spoken to me. Songs from deadmau5, QUEEN, Cher, Foo Fighters and so many others. Also to collaborate with more amazing artists and DJs. I’ve also been designing some crazy clothing. I’m pretty stoked to start sharing that with the world. Really dope one-of-a-kind pieces.”

Featured image: DVRKO via Instagram


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