‘Sorry, The Chainsmokers are back’—Alex Pall, Drew Taggart tease ‘World Way Joy’ follow-up [Watch]The Chainsmokers Twitter

‘Sorry, The Chainsmokers are back’—Alex Pall, Drew Taggart tease ‘World Way Joy’ follow-up [Watch]

Just when the world needed them most, The Chainsmokers have officially announced their return, boldly emerging from their hiatus via a video teaser buoyed by the caption, “SORRY, THE CHAINSMOKERS ARE BACK.” Headlined by text reading, “behind the most anticipated album of 2022,” the teaser begins with a bootleg Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, who proclaim, “people forgot who we were…we’re The Chainsmokers.” As the video proceeds, their label head explains that the original faces behind The Chainsmokers were ultimately replaced as the duo took its time with the production of its upcoming album, which has been about two years in the making.

The Chainsmokers’ satirical video declaring their return to the mainstream makes allusions to stereotypes that have been associated with them; included are clips of the faux producers lighting money on fire, throwing temper tantrums in the studio, taking psychedelics, ending up half-nude and face-down in the pool, donning Heelys and riding around their mansion simultaneously smoking a bong. Eventually, the two stand-ins crumble under the pressure of being The Chainsmokers, and Pall and and Taggart are asked to come back to take their rightful place—all is right in the world yet again.

The trailer concludes with their forthcoming single “High,” which follows their recent yet out-of-the-blue remix of Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” The Chainsmokers’ next LP will notably follow 2019’s World War Joy.

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