Stream Bob Moses’ new post-rock offering, ‘Love Brand New’Bob Moses 170 Russell 14

Stream Bob Moses’ new post-rock offering, ‘Love Brand New’

Sticking to one’s guns only goes so far in the music business, but straying too far from the playbook has proven to backfire “Time and Time Again.” Bob Moses‘ follow-up to the aforementioned, utterly awful pun beautifully exemplifies the Canadian duo’s sonic versatility. The new single, entitled “Love Brand New,” draws from a post-rock genre foundation. Co-written alongside Michel Zitron and John Martin, it tastefully pushes the envelope without diverging to extremes from the outfit’s globally admired soundscape.

Paired with an industrial-inspired music video, “Love Brand New” marks the second early-release single ahead of Moses’ third studio album. Their first full-length LP since 2018’s Battle Lines, The Silence In Between awaits a March 4 release date via Astralwerks.

While Bob Moses gear up for a headlining North American tour run, with performance support from AMTRAC, TSHA, and Jon Hopkins, watch the official music video for “Love Brand New” below. On the track, Bob Moses imparts,

“‘Love Brand New’ is about being newly in love and trying not to lose yourself as you navigate the world feeling as though you’re seeing everything for the first time, as if it’s brand new. It was written with our friends Michel Zitron and John Martin and started in L.A. just before Coachella in 2019. We knew there was something there, but touring intervened. We finally got back to it in 2020, and it became one of the first finished for our new album. We shot the video in a freezing warehouse in Montreal this past December—we look warm though.”

Featured image: Matt Gee

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