ZHU expands ‘DREAMLAND’ with deluxe edition, shares two new tracksZHU At Red Rocks

ZHU expands ‘DREAMLAND’ with deluxe edition, shares two new tracks

ZHU is offering up two new tracks with the deluxe version of DREAMLAND. Pulling listeners back into his strut-filled realms fashioned for glitzy runways, DREAMLAND (DELUXE) switches up the album’s track list with a curated touch from the ZHU arsenal, traversing previously released cuts like “Came For The Low,” “Z-Train,” “Risky Business,” and “I Admit It.”

In addition to his more recent singles, DREAMLAND (DELUXE) sees the release of two brand new additions, “Mannequins & Egos” and “Coral.PINK.” With slinking echos that evoke The Weeknd’s earlier sound, melodic rhythms, and a smooth saxophone, both tracks blend seamlessly into the DREAMLAND universe while putting forth a new edge.

In December, ZHU returned with “I’m Into It” alongside Paul Oakenfold and a remix package for “Zhudio54.”

Stream DREAMLAND (DELUXE) below.

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