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Alesso gives the VIP house treatment to his Katy Perry pairing, ‘When I’m Gone’

It wouldn’t be a new year without one of Alesso’s iconic self-remixes. Not even a full 24 hours removed from the Swede’s house-pop pairing with Katy Perry, Alesso hit the stage at Decadence Colorado, where he not only debuted his now-famed progressive house ID—better known to some as “Me & You” and is now all but confirmed to be his own production—but also what was believed to be his own VIP of “When I’m Gone.” And for his first musical appearance of 2022, Alesso officially put it in writing that the forenamed VIP does in fact belong to him.

The simple existence of a VIP for “When I’m Gone”—his first rework since “Chasing Stars” last October—comes as a little bit of a surprise considering the fact that the original was still undeniably house oriented and Alesso typically purposes them for his more out-of-the-box, tamer productions. But its arrival—of course—warrants absolutely zero complaints from our end, with Alesso reconstructing the original from the top down, attaching a progressive build and further channeling the more bare-knuckle house sound that he dipped into on “AGAIN” and on his first of two inclusions on Dancing Astronaut‘s favorite IDs of 2022, “Rave All Night.” With the countdown to Ultra nearing its end, two dates planned with Brooklyn Mirage in May, and three respective rounds confirmed at Tomorrowland—including an ECLIPSE set—Alesso’s VIP of “When I’m Gone” seems to only be the tip of the iceberg for another legendary year for the Swedish house great.

Featured image: Chase Stevens

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