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Burial and Four Tet’s ‘Moth’ and ‘Nova’ get digital reissue after 10 years

Burial and Four Tet‘s collaborative singles, “Moth” and “Nova,” are finally seeing a digital release after more than 10 years. The first single, “Moth,” had arrived in 2009 via Four Tet’s Text Records alongside B-side “Wolf Club.” Then, another collaborative outing, “Nova” followed a few years later in 2012. Before now, both tracks had only ever been available on vinyl.

Both singles carry a timeless feel, the tracks fitting neatly into both producer’s esteemed catalogs, each carrying a hint of early 2010s nostalgia. While the singles had not initially been released together, they both carry similar soundscapes and compliment the other neatly, with “Nova” featuring a slightly more upbeat sound compared to the heavier tones floating through “Moth.”

Four Tet had been embroiled in a dispute over streaming royalties with his former record label Domino. Three of his albums, Pause, Rounds, and Everything Ecstatic were pulled from streaming services in November. Earlier this month, Four Tet signed a new deal with Universal Music Publishing Group which returned the records to streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Burial returned last month with a new EP on Hyperdub, Antidawn. The long-awaited release saw the producer following his 2020 two-track EP, Chemz / Dolphinz.

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