CloZee, GRiZ convene for ‘Color Of Your Soul’Griz Clozee Insta

CloZee, GRiZ convene for ‘Color Of Your Soul’

GRiZ and CloZee have finally come together for the amalgamation that fans have been praying for, “Color Of Your Soul.” Beginning as fans of one another, the producers have played a multitude of festivals together, including Envision Festival, Elements, GRiZ’s inaugural 2021 Space Camp, and many more, resulting in a close friendship and thankfully, shared studio time. The outcome of that collaboration track fuses both artists’ aptitude for mysticism, expansive soundscapes, and without a doubt, gritty bass.

The track follows a huge year for both producers, seeing GRiZ’s celebrated LP, Rainbow Brain, land, as well as CloZee’s ongoing Neon Jungle tour, which continues to sweep across North America. Later this year, GRiZ and CloZee can both be caught at Okeechobee Festival, Electric Forest, and Lightning in a Bottle.

Featured image: CloZee/Instagram

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