Faybl releases emotional progressive house hit “Island”Press Pic Faybl

Faybl releases emotional progressive house hit “Island”

American up and coming duo Faybl’s newest release – “Island,” will take you back to the cathartic, high-energy dance anthems of the early 2010s – aka the year this blog was born. The duo’s signature sound is on stunning display with their latest hit, opening with soulful vocals belting out heartfelt lyrics like “even if it hurts, even if the tides turn violent, I will be your island.” Faybl slowly build into a goosebump-inducing drop full of big room energy and soaring melodies that make this gem into a tearjerker destined for the festival stage. If you like “Island” be sure to check out the rest of Faybl’s discography, you won’t be disappointed.