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G Jones, Eprom launch ‘Acid Disk 2’ EP rollout with ‘On My Mind’

Acid meets breakbeat on G Jones and Eprom’s latest collaborative cut, “On My Mind,” out now via Illusory Records. “On My Mind” is the bass-producing pair’s first joint release since 2019’s “Daemon Veil.” The track is a tastefully scattered composition of instrumentals, textures, and sound elements that harmoniously ebb and flow between the two equally talented producers’ styles.

Highly sought-after, G Jones has previously collaborated with the likes of iconic electronic music producers Amon Tobin and DJ Shadow, and Jones is nearly—if not already—as revered as his musical influences within the electronic dance music space. His discography is, above all else, daring. With each release, he continues to creatively push the experimental bass sound forward and defy stereotypes within the electronic dance music genre.

What differentiates Jones’ collaborator Eprom from his peers in the bass genre are the vibrant sounds of humanity, which he carefully injects into each record. Jarring synthesizers and resounding 808 kicks enthrall listeners, but it’s the meticulous yet blasé arrangement of short, engaging soundbites inserted at the pressure points of his works that ultimately transform Eprom’s stirring bass tracks into danceable, innovative records with powerful narratives.

“On My Mind” has been formally announced as the lead single to the collaborators’ forthcoming EP, Acid Disk 2, release date to be determined. Based on the sounds heard within the dynamic single, streamers may expect to hear a lot more distorted melodies, expertly mangled sound design, and the addition of rousing vocals and interesting textures.

As G Jones prepares to begin touring several headlining shows across the United States with support from Mr. Carmack, Shades, Ivy Lab, Redrum, and Jon Casey, Eprom is gearing up to play several festivals at many US cities this spring just before he jets off to support Flume at the most highly anticipated world tour announced this year.

Featured image: G Jones/Instagram

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