Gesaffelstein collects production credit on KayCyy’s ‘OKAY!’E KYJVWMAIt7WJ

Gesaffelstein collects production credit on KayCyy’s ‘OKAY!’

After earning credits on Kanye West’s Donda last August, Gesaffelstein’s latest work comes as a production feature on American rapper KayCyy’s latest offering, “OKAY!.” Even without arpeggiated hi-hats or a knocking kick drum, the dark prince captivates listeners an analog synth sequence that carries KayCyy’s impassioned topline.

It would be reductive to boil the creative duo’s latest joint effort down to a “hip-hop” single. Melodic, ambient, and synthetically sound, “OKAY!” constitutes an experimental triumph from two genuine talents. Out now via BuVision Records, “OKAY!” marks both Gesaffelstein and KayCyy’s first release of the calendar year. Stream it below.

Featured image: Fixation Photography

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