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Louis The Child partner with Kasbo, EVAN GIAA for vibrant single, ‘Blow The Roof’

Louis the Child have released their colorful new music video for their latest collaborative single, “Blow The Roof.” The tune features production from Swedish producer Kasbo and beautifully earnest vocals from electronic-pop songstress, EVAN GIIA.

Originally drafted during a collaboration session with Kasbo, who dug up old drum loops for Louis The Child to play around with, “Blow The Roof” is the electronic duo’s first release of this year. “We really liked this idea of ‘Blow The Roof’, to let go, and let the energy come through—to follow your dreams! A couple weeks later, we wrote the rest of the song with EVAN GIIA and Asia Whiteacre,” they said on Instagram.

“Blow The Roof” is an anthemic, synth-heavy track that exudes euphoria. With an oscillating bassline, lurid synthesizers, and anthemic vocal chops, the duo’s latest is one for the dreamers—and the doers.

“The minute I heard the chorus start of ‘Blow The Roof’ that the boys made, I knew I had to be on it. I was so excited to share a chorus with Freddy’s vocals. I hope people love it as much as we do, it’s just a feel-good tune,” EVAN GIIA said of the new release.

The music video released alongside the single, directed by Sammy McEntire, is a colorful and slightly psychedelic interpretation of the positive, high-tempo dance-pop tune. What begins as a moody, introspective look at several characters interacting at a party, quickly spirals into a cathartic celebration of love and shifting colors that eventually empties out onto the street.

“It feels like such a happy song that you just wanna be with your friends and have fun to, which is something I feel we all need right now,” said Kasbo.

All three collaborators are seen in the music video as the song arrives at an animated peak. EVAN GIIA escapes the house party to find the producers arriving outside in a convertible. She excitedly hops in, joining them on a sing-along to the tune as they drive into the night, arms waving and the city’s lights shining brightly.

Louis The Child recently announced their 2022 residency at Zouk in Las Vegas and will be performing on April 15 and 22 at this year’s Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival.

Featured image: Jason Siegel

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