Mat Zo leads loaded remix package for Noisia’s ‘The Resonance II’Noisia Ballet 1

Mat Zo leads loaded remix package for Noisia’s ‘The Resonance II’

Following last year’s package of remixes, The Resonance I featuring tracks from Chee, IMANU, Skylark and more, Noisia has delivered a second remix package, The Resonance II. This round of releases finds top-notch talents including as Mat Zo, Skeptical, Matrix, Holly, and more all providing their own spins on some of Noisia‘s most show-stopping tracks.

Kicking off with Former’s club-primed remix of “The Tide,” the entirety of the record sees each artist both displaying their own prowess while maintaining the signature style of dance music legends, Noisia. Former’s version of “The Tide” keeps up elements of drum and bass while providing subtle signatures of hardstyle. Following up the first track includes Mat Zo’s spin on “Cleansing.” With eerie instrumentals and blurring techniques, the track takes on a life of its own in a way that cements it as an instant classic.

Last October saw Noisia delivering some of their mixes to Spotify in a new rollout from the streaming platform. While the mixes are still not yet available in the United States, listeners in the Philippines, Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Japan, the Neatherlands, Indonesia, and New Zealand can enjoy the mix.

Photo credit: Rutger Prins

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