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Mersiv, SuperAve. unite for ‘How I Step’ EP

Arriving as Mersiv‘s first release since his full-length Pretty Dark Loud album, the Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2022 has returned alongside SuperAve. for his first single of the year, “How I Step.” Arriving via Deadbeats, the track comes with both a Mersiv VIP and a SuperAve. VIP.

The original version of the single blends both Mersiv and SuperAve.’s bouncing styles. The swagger-filled release blooms with each instrumental as the vocal sample continues to repeat the track’s title. “How I Step.” Mersiv’s version of the collaborative venture takes on a slightly deeper tone with darker instrumentals, while SuperAve. slows the track down.

Although Pretty Dark Loud explored each corner of Mersiv’s sound through themes of loss, “How I Step” solidifies itself as a heavy-hitter with large soundscapes. Meanwhile, SuperAve. began paving his way in the scene in 2019, with the How I Step EP following his 2021 EP with Sully, Interflow.

Featured image: Trey Karson

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