Rich Furniss flexes his house muscle on ‘Suddenly’Rich Furniss

Rich Furniss flexes his house muscle on ‘Suddenly’

In a sea of Friends & Family Vol. 1‘s disco-house stands “Suddenly.” The sixth tracklisting on the debut compilation from LEFTI‘s Quincy Boy Records, Rich Furniss‘ year-opening number toggles between classic and contemporary elements of house in an ebbing, flowing fashion. Marching at a healthy tempo, “Suddenly” folds a soulful topline into fluid percussion and melody while making a compelling case for Furniss’ continued recognition in house circles.

“Suddenly” is a promising extension of the electronic finesse that the New York-anchored act evinced in 2021 through a pair of singles, “I’ll Be There” and “Let Me Work,” and it’s worth noting that a co-sign from LEFTI further solidifies the deft nature of Furniss’ dance ear.

“I’ve always been a big fan of all the music that LEFTI has made, and over the past few years, we have become great friends and frequently done back-to-back sets,” Furniss said. “I’m honored to be on his label’s first compilation.”

Stream “Suddenly” below.

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